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Susan K. Stoner


Susan Stoner

Susan provides internal management services and consultation for Stoner, Albright & Company. In her capacity as a Principal of the firm, she handles and manages the daily administration and non-technical client relations for the firm. Previously, Susan founded, owned, and operated an American Bar Association approved post-baccalaureate training program and has served as an advisor and consultant to a variety of businesses including law firms and professional service companies across the nation.

Mrs. Stoner has served on numerous Boards of Directors/Advisors including a national education association, national publishing house, home owner association, and colleges. She was co-editor of a seven-book series for Matthew Bender Publishing Company. Susan is, in her heart, an educator and was assistant dean at a private post-secondary school that led to her founding a nationally recognized and highly regarded Board certified paralegal institution for students with college degrees. Over the years Susan has received several honors and awards, but the two titles she has most enjoyed are wife to her husband, Gene, and mother to their successful and extraordinary son, Bryan.