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Who We Serve

individuals and their closely-held businesses

Our clients have a unique set of tax challenges for which we are experienced in helping find solutions

Our clients include primarily U.S.-based individuals and their closely-held businesses. These clients represent a diverse group including medical, legal, ranching, oil and gas, food services, investment partnerships, investors, traders, wholesalers, service businesses, and construction.

Throughout our firm’s history, and currently, our clients’ aggregate net worth exceeds billions of dollars. While in many cases their wealth accumulations occurred during the time of our representation, others have sought out our assistance after having already attained a significant amount of their wealth.

Our clients are in many cases first-generational entrepreneurs as well as multi-generational family groups. Many are corporate officers, board members, and in the high-level management group of large national and multi-national companies. Each of these types of clients has a unique set of tax challenges for which we are experienced and well equipped to meet.

High Net Worth Individuals

Real Estate

Service businesses

Investors and Traders


Tax exempt organizations